˩ѲѴЄ ғσя ʏσʋ αяɛ иσт αƨ ɛαƨʏ αƨ ʏσʋ тнιиκ...


Jessline (:

∂σит ʝʋ∂ɢɛ мɛ вʏ α cσʌɛя
Ɩ ℓσʌɛƨ & нαтɛƨ
ι ℓιʌɛ ιи ℓαℓα ℓαи∂

Ɔ нαттɛявσϰ,


αℓιcια Ƨωɛɛтнɛαят
Ɔ αƨƨαи∂яα
Ɔ няιƨтʏ
Ɔ яʏƨтαℓ

Ǥʋσ Ɖσиɢ
Ħʋι Ƴʋ
Ĵιи Ħʋα
Ƙɛиɢ Ƴιиɢ
мɛι βɛι
Ƥɛι Ħωα βαи∂
Ǫιασ χʋи
Яʋι ˩ιиɢ
Ƨнι мιи
Ƨιɛω Ħωɛɛ
Ƭιαи Ɯɛи
Ɯαи ˩ιиɢ
Ɯɛι Ĵιαи
Ɯɛι Яʋ
Ɯɛι Ƭσиɢ
Ɯɛι χιαиɢ
χιи Ƴʋ
χʋɛ Ƭιиɢ
Ƴαи Ħσиɢ
Ƴαи Ƭιиɢ
Ƴι Ĵιɛ
Ƶнɛиɢ Ƴι


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hello all ! im back to post ^^ it almost have been a month that i didn't post le(:
and somemore KengYing , who is my mei kept ask me to post de . ^o^
actually nothing much to post ..

after school went to kfc and have lunch with kengying and richie . after eating , took MRT to Clarke to buy Sticky <3 reached , saw alot other schools de ppl . got one auntie super guai lan ! no patient to queue de lo ! since she no patient jiu dont buy la . at there so noisy ! x.x after we had bought our sticky , took MRT back to compass point together with shimin and jinhua haha. reached compass , took bus home with shimin ^^


jiayous all for the upcoming end of year examinations yarrhs ! <3

countdown - 12 more days to my birthday kekes ^o^
Wednesday, September 15, 2010



daddy drove me to school together with mummy (: reached school , walked to quadrangle . sit down and wait for flag raising . saw crystal , me and she kept make each other haha . i was really very hyper (: after that , walked back to class and prepared to start for lesson lol . after recess , go back to class and revise abit of poa as today got poa class test hehes . time flies ~ poa lesson le hehe . prepared to take the test . it was really very easy haha managed to balance it hehe quite happy (: after test , lesson as usual lo lol . after school , wait keng ying- mei in class hehe when she came , we walked out of the school . yun rong called my name haha he say i nv wait for him , i told him i thought u all ran off le ma . den he say is meredith haha . me , keng ying , yun rong and meredith took taxi to compass point (: walked pass some jewellery shop . den meredith said " wait for me , i want to buy some diamond " den i was like ... laugh non-stop haha ! after that , yun rong go buy him thing . after he had bought his thing , we walked to mac (: after yun rong had ate his lunch , he and meredith went off first hehe. after me and keng ying ate finished , both of us walked to library and do homework hehe . guai hor ?(: chatting meanwhile doing hehehe(: after doing homework , walked to kiddy palace followed by mini tones den walked around basement hehe . saw emily and say hello to her . den walked to cold storage heheh . meanwhile walking , keng ying don't know say what den i was laugh like crazy hehe. after walking , i took bus home and keng ying walked home hehes . reached home , bath , eat dinner and now posting hehe (:
Tuesday, August 17, 2010


woot ! back to post (: long time didn't post le as this month is a very busy month ><"
National Day is coming ! so excited about it as tomorrow school till 11am plus then release le somemore Monday and Tuesday is HOLIDAY ! :D shiok sia !
HAPPY HOLIDAY and HAPPY NATIONAL DAY ! (: have fun and enjoy the holidays yarrhs (:

Thursday, August 5, 2010


yesterday :

woke up at 5.55am . wash up and prepared to go to school . reached school , walked up to band room and set up instrument . prepared to play for national anthem and school song . warm up and walked down to quadrangle and stand in concert arrangement. after playing for national anthem and school song , i walked back to my class for Social Studies lesson . after Social Studies lesson , walked to the school hall for a talked by Mr Ong , who is my Physical Education teacher . left hall at 9.30 am with Shermine and Xue Ting . walked to 3E5 classroom to wait for Jasmine , stGrace , Elaine and Zheng Yi . after we had met each other , we walked to band room and bring my intrument and stuff that need to bring for the concert hall . board the school bus at around 10am plus. reached there , set up intrument and stuff . had lunch and changed to band uniform . after that , started to rehearsal . the hall was nice ! ^^ damn tired lo . after rehearsal around 6pm , had dinner and waiting to perform on stage . so nervous lo , as i was the first person to step in the concert hall . play play play ~ was quite happy ^^ after that , go back to the dressing room and go bus-ed back to school . put back my instrument at the office . after that , took bus 163 home ^^ mummy at the bus stop waited for me ^^ walked to 7-11 , wanted to buy some food to eat before eating medicine as i was sick , but don't have the things that i wan to eat . went to ntuc and buy cup noodles - lor mee to eat. after buying , walked back home . reached home at around 12am plus le ! D: damnnnnn siannnnn and tireddddd !!! D: go bath and ate noodles then ate medicine . after eating , went to sleep . damnn tired ! D:

today :

woke up at 1.55pm . wash up , ate lunch , ate medicine , bath and prepare to go out . took bus 86 to compass point and took mrt to City Hall to meet my grandmother , mummy , brother , cousins , Jun Wei and Jackson . reached there , and wait for them to reached . meet them le , walked to Marina Square and Suntec City . go food court and have dinner. after eating dinner , walked to Esplanade there and going to watch fire work . reached there just nice . started the fire work le ^^ but half way only . took lift to the roof and walked outside . WOW ! the fire works is damn damn damn nice ! as got the shape of cresent and stars that represent singapore ^^ nice lo (: after watched the fire work , took mrt back to Bedok and then took bus 31 back to Tampines. walked to 800 plus and have ice cream ^^ ate milk tea and double chocolate flavour (: after buying, walked back to grandmother's house meanwhile eating ^^ yummy yummy nice nice :D reached grandmother's house , ate finished my ice cream and bath ^^ and now posting

Saturday, July 17, 2010


damn busy this month ><" so hardly can post ! -.-
SIBF comiinn , concert cominn , events comiinn , ICT comiinn , CIP comiinn , TEST comiinn andand even lecture comiinn siio ! SIIAN ! every day stayed in school tiill damn late then reached home... nothiing to post le byee byee ^^ takecare <3
Thursday, July 15, 2010


Jessline - Nameless !
hello , what you want from me ? tmd . want to find problem is it ? please make things clear before you come my tag board and say me la ! you don't even know exactly what had happened jiu anyhow come here bomb people . hello , listen two story before you say people la . she and john only audition couple nia . what real life ? they don't even have real life stead before hor. somemore she now already attached le . don't jealous hor. she don't even like john you all kept say she like him . please la hor. she don't even like him 00000.1 percent don't know why you all kept say her she like him . no sense. she don't even like john ,that's why she can like other people la . is john the one who like her la . she like other boy got problem is it ? love can't be force de la .
she where got act big sia ? you should be the one who act big in my blog now. don't know who say not happy come find you la. act la hor ! zzz... and i where got act chio sia . tmd like to anyhow say people right ? anyway you also not chio dao na li qiu. saw your facebook was like zzz ... -.-'' older than me de people want to eat me uh ? haiyo , people see le will laugh la ! hahah... aiyo , ask john come and talk la , we don't need a person like you to talk to me de . ask him talk la . he lei ? don't dare to talk to us ? and ask you help ? OMG ~! *laugh* and she was not acting nothing was happened la but you're ... and and please write down your name if you dare . don't write nameless . if you don't have name , i can help you to make a name . looking forward for your reply . zzz
Friday, July 9, 2010


back to post !

saturday :
woke up at 10am plus . wash up , eat breakfast , bath and prepared to go to grandmother's house by taxi . reached le , message message , use netbook and computer , chit chat and stuff. around 3pm plus , walked to tampines mall . after ahyan bought her wallet , we walked to tampines 1 to shop (: after shopping , went to basement and buy food to eat ^^ after eating , went to tampines mall to have dinner at food court . i ate lemon chicken rice haha ! nice , yummyyy ! :p after eating , shop around and took bus back to grandmother's house . after awhile , father came and drove us back home :D

sunday :
today woke up at 10am plus too . wash up , eat breakfast and bath . nothing to do at home lo . so sian . message meanwhile watching television hehe ^^ around 6pm plus , went down to plaza and buy mac heheh . after eating , use computer and now posting ^^

byee ~ takecares ! <3
Sunday, July 4, 2010